so, here's my story.

Johnny Michael is a writer. He began his pursuit of this professional title at the age of 17, it was then he realized the potential power of writing his ideas down and found a love of telling stories with the written word.

During college Johnny interned at a small advertising shop called Driven, where he had access to an endless amount of Founders beer and a small taste of the advertising culture. He contributed thoughts on campaigns for Big Boy, Wayne State University and Matick Chevrolet.

After 23 rotations around the sun, Johnny attended Chicago Portfolio School to become a Copywriter and made this portfolio site. During that time he also interned at Avenue Inc creating work for Tork Xpressnap and TEDx Midwest. In the midst of all this he also wrote and performed his second stand-up bit, sanitized glassware at a Wrigleyville bar and walked a lot. His legs grew strong, his dreams grew legs.

From portfolio school Johnny’s Copywriter career wandered a bit as he began walking about town with red balloons and giving them to strangers. He would soon take a leap to help write a book called The Leap Year Project. After completing that book, he teamed up with You Are Beautiful, a worldwide movement that started with a little sticker, to help write their book and build some large scale public art installations.

Not too long after, he found sanctuary in Chicago’s coworking community. There he made a cool friend named Sam and helped out the teams at Desktime and One Design Company

Johnny moved back to the Detroit area after four years in Chicago. In Motown he worked at Commonwealth//McCann as a Jr. Copywriter on Chevrolet for over two solid years. He had a great run, a ton of fun and met some incredible friends.

A new chapter in his career began as Johnny worked freelance for places like Campbell Ewald and Allure Medical Spa, a cosmetic spa where he wrote about places on the female anatomy he never knew existed. Along with working, he practiced Improv at Go Comedy!, took online comedy writing classes at The Second City and pulled off a charity event to help Humble Design and spread some balloons around the city of Detroit.

In 2017, he moved south to hot and swampy Miami, Florida. He had an opportunity to work on Burger King and Tim Horton's with 500 Degrees Studio,

Most recently, Johnny won a scholarship with The Second City and continues his efforts to enter the world of comedy writing. During the weekdays, you can find him working diligently at Publicis Sapient in a cozy neighborhood called Coconut Grove.

If you’re feeling friendly… reach out. Say Hi.

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