Here's a page with some of my biggest accomplishments in the land of advertising agencies. I picked these because they were smart ideas, great learning experiences, and they don't completely suck.

I created the original idea and concept script for this spot. The goal was to show how surprisingly inexpensive the new Chevrolet Malibu was to drive and wrap that message into a unique experience for real people. I flew out for the shoot, prepared questions for our driver and helped with early edits.

A quick and clever feature spot which shows off one the highlights of the Teen Driver Technology in the Chevrolet Malibu. I came up with the idea and wrote the script, dealing with a barrage of edits from creative leaders, clients and legal teams. I was part of the team on location for the shoot, worked through the entire editing process and shipped the finished spot. 

My first spot! Within a year of being a junior copywriter at a large agency with all sorts of senior competition I sold a TV spot! (Actually this was my 2nd... I sold a Volt spot but it got killed just before shoot.) I thought up the concept, wrote the spec script and was also sent out for the shoot. Worked with the creative team to handle an extremely tedious and heavy-handed client edit process end to end. And lived to tell the tale!

Burger King Chicken Fries packaging! (Click image to see the whole package.)


Signs you would have found at your neighborhood Tim Horton's. (Click image to see more.)

I spent a decent amount of time writing for motorsports ads. This ad brags about the Z06's recent win of the Car and Driver Lightning Lap competition.

This was a pretty historical finish for the Corvette team and the photo was a nice one to write to as well. We had a whole pile of headlines built around the idea of how a Corvette's biggest competition was itself. Here's the final result after creative director tweaks and client satisfaction.

Emoji rearview mirror hangtangs! Visiting a Chevrolet dealership years later, a few salesman still had them hanging around the office... We created a little something people enjoyed having around long after the buzz for the new Cruze had blown over. They were really fun to write, client loved them, dealers loved them and my creative director despised them.

Fun headline example. This lived in the Detroit Tiger's program and touted the Cruze's all-star MPG rating.

These beefy ads came out of my stint with Campbell Ewald. The specific task was to let the people know about their enhanced and quality steak selection. It was also part of an overall campaign refresh for Motor City Casino.

I tried to have a little fun making weird videos in iMovie to showcase my Chevy catalogs... Catalog writing was always a lengthy project. It involved lots revisions and research, but in the end it was always kinda nice flipping through one of these after they were complete. They smell nice too.

Balloon Hullabaloo is an event I started to help Detroit and continue the story of my Red Balloon Project. I coordinated a team, worked with the charity organization, sold sponsorships and successfully launched the first event on July 15, 2017.  People showed up and we raised nearly $4,000 bucks, enough to furnish a home for a family! Along with passing out a bunch of balloons in the heart of Detroit we had a great time! This intro video was written, filmed, cut and produced by me. I also recruited my volunteer VO artist and recorded that at a cousin's studio in Detroit. We used it promote our event through emails and social media channels. See some photos from Balloon Hullabaloo here