I'm actively trying to further my comedic education and become a better version of myself. To do that I'm currently taking online comedy writing classes with the The Second City. I’ve also completed both the sketch writing and late night style writing programs. I write a lot. But I also like the spotlight here and there. Performance experience includes a year of Improv with Go Comedy! in Ferndale, Michigan. Plus, some standup bits at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle.

Wanna read some jokes I wrote? One of my teachers at 2nd City suggested I start a twitter to tweet out jokes, so here's that... @hijohnnymichael

And here are more jokes I wrote for


Here's a packet I made in early 2018 for Conan... Conan, I'm sooo glad you've found your way here, this is for you.

Here! Here! Here!

TV Series Pitch.

After taking a Writing & Pitching a TV Series class in early 2019, I came up with the idea of Rocket Woman, a show about a female billionaire leading a vanity space program and living with her parents. Here’s the pitch.

Certified Funny.

It’s official now…

Johnny Michael The Second City Training Center Certificate

And here’s another one with my name misspelled. :)

Johnny Michael Writing for TV Certificate