Copywriter Johnny Michael

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Johnny Michael Writer.JPG

Copywriter Johnny Michael


Bring in a brighter writer! Copywriter Johnny comes ready to write words that make good sense, create clever things, and come up with ideas that make the world a more loveable place.

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Product Description

Never before has all this range been packaged into one Copywriter. With his cool & calm demeanor mixed with warm & well structured thoughts, Copywriter Johnny is a force of positivity and at the heart of community wherever he lands.

Carrying an honorable, Rosalind raised him right attitude, he is driven to learn and be nothing short of great every day. 

Additional Info

  • Limited Edition of One
  • Weight : 151 pounds
  • Shoe Size : 9 1/2 
  • Pen : Pilot G-2 07 Black


  • May be shipped anywhere in the US via standard airplane
  • Free shipping in Detroit